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The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with .. most furries. Furry fans' belief that they will be portrayed as "mainly obsessed with sex" has led to mistrust of the media and social researchers. A report in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour describes an unusual field trip made by Canadian researcher Debra W. Soh – to a furry. Discover the secret world of people who dress up in animal costumes—and whether they really have sex in them.

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Instead, the furries were chatting, playing board games, smoking, and so on. That will in turn free you. Explorations in Warner Bros. Name required Email required Comment required. Rodriguez sees the events as a great social equalizer. Log in with Google. Biomedical lit you say? Discover's Newsletter Sign up to 150000 usd to sek the latest science news delivered weekly right to your inbox! Enter your email address. Inclusion and belongingness are central themes in the furry fandom: Dr Soh might have done well to consult the work of the Anthropomorphic Research Project. furry sex

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